Here’s the thing about procrastinating on…oh…pretty much everything. Or being stuck, or blocked or whatever. Something is bound to get accomplished at some point. I mean I’ve been avoiding writing this post for over a week. So why am I writing it right now? Because I sat down to plan the details of my daughter’s mermaid birthday party. So I’m doing this to avoid that. I guess my issues about THAT are bigger than my issues about THIS. Which is not to say I have issues about planning a birthday party, at least I didn’t think I did. But who knows. Maybe I do. Mermaids can be scary. They kind of seem like clowns with long hair and no legs, except they are under water and they sing and they don’t even juggle. Like I said — scary.

So back to my fruit issues. In addition to avoiding this tangerine post, I’ve also been wanting to update my “about me” page because it doesn’t necessarily explain what this site is about anymore. But I can’t seem to get it done. At first this site was about me trying lots of fruit (250 to be exact) and somehow over the last two years it has morphed in to me working out my relationship with work, and people, and myself, through the medium of fruit. It feels hard to explain without being dramatic and it’s not something I really know how to say in a pithy 500 word summary. Although I guess I just sort of said it in a single sentence so…

Some of you may wonder how I could have an issue about writing about a Sumo Tangerine. (And for those of you who take that completely in stride, may I just raise my glass to you with a hearty “cheers!”) It’s not like I haven’t written about tangerines many times before. My answer is that I don’t really know. Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes, every single March for three years in a row, you get stuck.

So instead of particularly writing about the Sumo Tangerine (you can read a great LA Times article about it here, which includes criminal activity, 10+ years of tracking and some good old-fashioned citrus drama), I give you this pig because that is what is in my heart. I like pigs and I like this tangerine. So there you have it.

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