Note From the Fruit Maven

Hi! I am the Fruit Maven, also known in more pedantic circles as Becky Onnesta Wheeler. I write about the fruit I find in my neighborhood (San Diego) and in my travels (none documented so far). I am obsessive about trying new things but sometimes, every now and then, I just want to eat something amazing. I want a sure thing – a delicious bite of heaven. So I have started documenting my fruit adventures so that when the day comes that I want to remember if I liked the Green Dragon apple, the Chieftain apple or the Mohawk apple – I’ll know, and so will you.

Each individual is going to have their own idea of what constitutes excellent fruit. I can only make recommendations based on the little that I know about you, which is in fact, nothing. Ultimately, you will have to determine your own favorite fruit. However, I am happy to chomp my way through the markets to make that task just a wee bit easier for you.

Additionally, for the purposes of this space, fruit is really anything that I say it is. Until there is some consensus that makes sense, whatever I say goes. Botanical fruit, culinary fruit, ripened ovary, blah blah. A tomato is technically a botanical fruit, but it is controversial and I don’t like them, so they are unable to comply with the intricate scoring system which requires that they are eaten. (And yes, I have tried heirloom tomatoes so please don’t tell me I just haven’t tried the BEST tomatoes from your special garden). An avocado is also on the fruit/veggie fence, but I like them, so they are definitely allowed in the game. A rhubarb is a vegetable, end of story. Also, since I am baring my fruit soul here, I should confess that I don’t like watermelon. I hate it actually but it is clearly and squarely in the fruit category so….I will try to be fair to any watermelons I taste. I promise. I know you people can be passionate about those things in the summer. It’s weird.

Anyway, I love hearing from you. Comment! Tell me if you disagree or if you know of something I should try. You can also email me at fruitmaven {at}

xoxo, Fruit Maven