As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think about how much I love this crazy, sexy produce. Last week I was noticing hearts everywhere and this week it’s flowers. Can you imagine how spectacularly nerdy it would be to receive a bowl of Surinam Cherries and Purple Mangosteen tomorrow? (Are you listening my secret boyfriend Sheldon?) And I love the fact that one of the prettiest, flowery citrus I’ve captured on film is none other than the Ugli Fruit. The irony just kills me.

May your day be filled with juicy produce.


1. Mangosteen, 2. Surinam Cherries, 3. Ugli Fruit,

Exploring Fruit is a series where I explore what fruit has to offer the world in terms of design, in addition to the snacking aspect that I usually highlight. The series has just begun. If you want to explore more click this link for a previous entry on fruit color and here for one on fruit shapes. Texture and Pattern are on the way!