One reason I love discovering and trying new fruit is something I call the Willy Wonka factor. There are so many colors, shapes, textures, patterns and of course flavors to be found in natural fruit. Many of the simple concepts we take for granted can be found in the fruit world. The more fruit I discover, the more inspired and fascinated I become. I hope you enjoy this aspect of fruit too as I think it will be a regular feature.



1. Kaffir Lime, 2. Vietnamese Guava, 3. Feijoa, 4. Kiwano Melon, 5. Pippin Apples, 6. Ugli Fruit

There are many popular color names rooted in fruit. Crayola uses Granny Smith Apple and Electric Lime in their current big box. Pantone has about 10 variations of Lime Green, plus Green Banana, Apple Green, Greengage, Honeydew, Kiwi and likely a few more.

P.S. The color of the year from Pantone for 2012 is Tangerine Tango! And this is the Chinese year of the Dragon, which some are symbolizing with the Dragon Fruit. The year of fruit! Am I on trend or what?!?