Ohhhhh. Today’s post is a woozy doozy. I’m giving away a box of sweet, succulent peaches to one of you! Well… I’m not actually giving them away — Frog Hollow Farms is doing it, but I’m taking all the credit. Because I can. They don’t get to look at this post first – haha!

But first let me tell you about them. Two weeks ago I received a box of six gorgeous peaches in the mail. Ohhhhh! How exciting. I opened it and saw the name O’Henry Peaches. Bee-boop. Big let down. I’ve had them before. (You can read a more detailed review here). There is something strong in me that is driven by seeking out and trying only new things even if I liked the old things. So they sat around my house uneaten for a few days and then when they seemed like they couldn’t go one more day, I stuck them still uneaten in the refrigerator. (At this point you should be questioning my actual love of fruit – because this is silly behavior by any measure.)

Fast forward a week and I received ANOTHER box of gorgeous peaches. This time they were Cal-Red Peaches and were noted as Frog Hollow Farm’s signature peach. Well hello! I got out both boxes that very hour and started eating. Hilariously the O’Henry peaches were my favorite of the two and were even better than the last time I’d had them. They were a little more assertive and acidic and completely won me over (the flavor was far more complex and exciting than last time), where the Cal-Reds had a deep sweetness that hung around my mouth with little acidity. While they didn’t end up being the winner in my personal taste test, I can see why they would be a signature.

I liked them so much that I asked Frog Hollow Farms if they would be willing to send a box to one of my readers. They replied with a super quick YES. So now you can have your very own box of six Frog Hollow peaches delivered right to your door. Just leave a comment and tell me about the best peach you’ve ever had! I’ll do a random drawing on Wednesday, August 21, at 12:00pm PT. I’ll contact you by email and work out the details. Enjoy!

Cal-Red Peaches

APPEARANCE Rating: ★★★★☆

Dusty, fuzzy skin with a mix of reds and browns and hints of yellow. Bright sunny yellow flesh and deep red center.

AROMA Rating: ★★★★★

Strong, floral and sweet peach fragrance once cut.

TEXTURE Rating: ★★★★☆

The flesh is absolutely perfect. Exactly what you want a peach to be – dense and soft with so much juice that you are slurping and cooing the whole time. The skin was noticeable and I ended up cutting it off. Not bad in any way, just a little distracting with a dry mouth-feel.

TASTE Rating: ★★★★★

Layers and layers of sweet peachy-ness.

OVERALL Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Fantastic peach if you prefer the low-acid type. You can also learn a little more about peach types in this goofy video I did on peaches over here and see one that is shaped like a heart, the Desert Gold. But don’t forget to leave a comment here first so you can win!

Frog Hollow Farms
Frog Hollow Farms