I was about to write about White Indian Guavas today, when the following quote caught my eye on Facebook this morning.  (You are friends with me – right?) It captured me from the first words and then of course locked me in it’s grips by the end.

True Confession: I haven’t read this book, nor in fact any books by this author (though I just put it on my list for this summer). Actually, I barely read fiction. I did indulge in the Twilight series and Hunger Games and enjoyed every delicious bite of those books. Before you start judging me for those choices, you should know what else is on my night stand, because you know — I can’t have you walking away thinking I’m a 16 year old girl.  Though, now that I say it aloud I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.

All of these book have to do with adventure and wrestling through really living life  in their own way, as does the quote above.  Today I’m just going to try to be thankful that I am in fact tasting as many apples as I can. And those tastes, those bites, are in and of themselves, enough.