Sometimes I just miss being in fourth grade. My afternoon started out simple enough with me photographing all the citrus on my table and the next thing you know I’m googling the relative size of the planets to make my very own solar system out of citrus.

You really can not imagine how torn I was over what to do with poor Pluto. I grew up with Pluto as a planet and I just couldn’t leave it out. But I couldn’t deny the fact that it has been relegated to the commoner life of a lowly dwarf planet. So in an effort to acknowledge this disconcerting fact, Pluto is present but just as a blueberry. Sad, sad times.

*I would also like credit for the great restraint required to not make any Uranus jokes.

The Cast:

Mercury: Nagami Kumquat
Venus: Meyer Lemon
Earth: Moro Blood Orange
Mars: Bearrs Lime
Jupiter: Pummelo
Saturn: Melogold Grapefruit
Uranus: Star Ruby Grapefruit
Neptune: Navel Orange
Pluto: Blueberry