Ok – so these aren’t exactly a tool, although I suppose you could make an argument that they are a type of tool because they do provide a functional service — holding stuff. Also they are fruity and pretty, which kind of overshadows silly things like function.

Dirt du Jour linked to these in her Daily Dirt today and I just had to pass on the love. (Sidenote to say that if you don’t already subscribe to her – you should. She is a garden lovers dream for information and fun finds. Plus lately she has been giving away a book for free every Friday.)

Onto the bowls — these little doves are gorgee-gorgeous!!! They come from an etsy shop called Vegetabowls (so clever) and she has lots of other shapes like coconut and santa claus melons. She even makes some from that other type of produce that we barely mention around here — squash, red onions, etc. Check it out. Super fun and they might inspire you to eat more of the good stuff, which is worth every penny.