What a surprise! This apple seems pretty late in the season to show up at my grocery store so I was delighted to see it just sitting there near the end cap. I know of course, that ALL apples just sit there. But for whatever reason when it is a fruit I’ve never seen (or heard of) I feel like they are perched there just waiting to pounce on me. If I turn the corner and spy them first then I get to pounce on them. It’s a fun game I like to play when shopping by myself. If you ever see me crouched conspicuously around a corner, please don’t give away my position. It ruins everything. We can call it a neurotic form a tag, or whatever makes you more comfortable.

So whenever this happens, I tend to wonder two things. First, “Is this a variety that is finally getting the exposure it deserves?” And then immediately following, “Or am I going to hate this and think — Ew. No wonder no one has heard of you?” I ask the fruit questions like this all the way home until I finally just give in and eat one, because usually the fruit is so mad I won the game that they won’t speak to me. They can be sore losers like that.

In this case I was hoping to like it, because I like real opals. I know that has nothing to do with it, but I really just don’t want the cognitive burden of having to remember that I do like one and don’t like the other. Phew. Another crisis averted.

Opal Apple

APPEARANCE Rating: ★★★★☆

Bright, happy sunflower yellow with the most adorable pale freckles. White flesh.

AROMA Rating: ★★★½☆

Not particularly aromatic. Smells fresh and moist but indistinguishable from any other food or plant.

TEXTURE Rating: ★★★★☆

Has a crisp bite that pleasantly crackles in your ear.

TASTE Rating: ★★★★☆

Lovely and complex flavor with layers of sweet “appley” sugar intersecting with nuances of lemon and orange.

OVERALL Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

This is a great find and if you see one be sure to snatch it up. The texture does soften a bit over time so eat them within the first few days. Believe me, that should be no problem. I also baked them in to an amazing little scone with thyme and cheddar cheese. Oh my. Will be posting the recipe for that tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Grocery Store


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