Finally! Finally, there is a reasonable infographic I can share here on Fruit Maven. I completely, ridiculously love infographics. Many are tacky or mindless marketing drivel. But it doesn’t seem to matter. It is borderline irrational how much I enjoy the graphic display of data. I really should go back to school for design and just spend my days making infographics. Anyway, this bazaar comparison caught my eye and I just had to share. t’s about apples! I would love to do my own rating comparison of apples to an Apple but I don’t happen to have one of each. Dear Apple, feel free to send me a complimentary Ipad 2 and I promise to give it a fair (and glowing) review.

One of the more shocking conclusions from my viewing of this graphic is that I appear to be a bigger fan of Apple than apples. This wouldn’t likely be a shock for many of you, as Apple fans are certainly common and can be extreme. But I have never in my life owned a Mac and I currently own an Android phone (though I admit I just last week checked to see if I could upgrade to the new iPhone 4S). So it turns out that there are over 7,500 varieties of apples, of which I have tried about 50 of them or .5%. So many more to try! In contrast, there are about 400 varieties of Apple products. I have owned 2 and tried 4 others, meaning I have experienced (and enjoyed) 1.5% of the available universe. What? I feel so ashamed of my fruit credentials, or lack thereof. Don’t worry though, a remedy is in the making. I have a new variety of apple coming up soon and then will just need a few hundred more…

Let me know what you think of this graphic or if you have any other weird comparisons.

P.S. If you happen to be an apple lover, check out this apple blog! He looks to have reviewed close to 150 varieties of apples and I would guess, has tasted even more.

Apple to Apples
Created by: MBA Online