I’m borrowing a concept from Ms. Havi Brooks today and using this blog post to convene an “Enthusiastic.” An Enthusiastic is like “show and tell” but for grown ups and it is super duper fun. Everyone gets to be very enthusiastic! (obviously) And there is often lots of smiling and cheering and throwing sparkling confetti everywhere — or at least imaginary confetti, which is often so much better anyway because it can get in your imaginary hair and doesn’t take hours to pick out.

Also, an Enthusiastic is a safe and cozy space to announce something and you know that everyone who hears the announcement is ready and waiting to welcome it in to the world.

How it will work is that I am going to announce my new glittery, sparkly, fabulous fruit book and you are invited to jump up and down in the safe space of your own home and then also comment here and throw virtual confetti and sip virtual champagne with me! So let’s do it.

Yay! FINALLY!!!!!

The book is published and I am sooooooo happy. I would love for you to head over to Amazon and check it out for real. And of course you are welcome and encouraged to buy it and leave a review. It is only available digitally (for now) and you can read it on a Kindle device, or on any Android or iphone or ipad with the Kindle app (which is free). You can even read it on your desktop with a PC reader.

The book is full of whimsical alliterations and silly sounds and contains my fruit loving heart and soul. My four year old has giggled through many of the pages — looking at me in that adorable four-year-old quizzical way, “Kiwano Melons are KOOKY?!?”

I would venture to guess that most people haven’t heard of all 26 of the fruit in the book, though it contains some tried and true favorites like the classic apple and orange of course. After reading through it a few times, kids will be able to identify almost everything they see in the grocery store or at the farmer’s market. And if you have a picky eater like me, I’m hoping it will get her to want to try a few more one of these days. Surely we will get past bananas at some point. RIGHT???

So I’m sending my little fruit seedling out in to the world. May it be received with giggles.