Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800jexlI am taking a short break from talking about fruit specifically to talk about what I do with the fruit that doesn’t get right on this web site for review. I juice it with the ever so fancy and yet remarkably practical Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800jexl. (Side note: I’ve been thinking I should probably make my own name a bit fancier…Fruit Maven just falls flat compared to that five word monstrosity. Maybe Fruit Maven Extraordinaire 777+++) Anyway, back to the point. Let’s talk juicing!

I have a kid and for whatever reason, that girl will not eat whole fruit. BUT, she will drink juice. Woo! And I don’t want to give her any of that sugary junk. So this juicer is awesome because it is super duper simple and completely safe.

Reasons to love this Juicer

There is just one big button to turn it on and then turn it off. My daughter can drop the fruit in to the feeder tube (I don’t have to chop it in to little tiny pieces), I set the one setting depending on how hard or soft the fruit is and away we go. It’s super stable, which is awesome because my mixer bounces all over the counter when I really put it to the test. The Breville doesn’t do that. Stable Mable, you might say. Plus it has power! (1000 watts) and speed! (1 1/3 hourspower motor) and cutting blades and a mesh filter and…and.. the list goes on.SPACE


The one teeny tiny drawback is that it’s a little bit of a pain to clean since you can’t just pop it in the dishwasher, but for me that’s a reasonable trade to get amazing juice in to my body and my girl’s.

Let me know if you end up buying the Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800jexl (I just can’t stop saying the full name – its like your grandmother calling you buy your whole first middle last name to come to dinner). And tell me what you put in it. I’ve been toying with trying to make the perfect apple juice myself. Simple, I know but different apples taste soooo different. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: The Fruit Maven does make a small amount if you click on the link and buy a Juicer. This girl needs to eat! Support the FRUIT!