Tools & Resources

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your fruit adventuring needs. I am surprised by all the various tools I have amassed over the last few years. Some have made cutting, eating, learning and cooking with fruit immensely more fun and convenient and some have just been an immense waste of space in my cupboards. This is a list of only the best that I recommend and use myself.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and if you purchase through them a small amount will go to support the Fruit Maven. So thanks in advance!

Gadgets and gizmos:

Cocktail making essentials:

  • Wooden Muddler – there are tons of options, but for some reason I like the wooden ones. Feels right.
  • Citrus Decorative Zester
  • Super Quick Lemon Juicer – If you just need a squeeze of half a lemon or a bit to sprinkle over fish or a veggie and don’t want it on your hands. Unnecessary but awesome.
  • Flower shaped cutters – These are perfect for cutting little shapes of apple or carrot (ACK! I mentioned a vegetable!) and then cut a little slit and slide on to the rim of the glass.

Tools for juicing:


Resource books:

Mail order fruit suppliers:


  • Frieda’s – Unique and exotic fruit
  • Melissa’s – More unusual fruit varieties
  • Harry & David – Amazing pears of course, but also spectacular fruit baskets and fruit of the month clubs

Tools for the website:

Business-type stuff I love:

  • The Spark Kit: A Digital Program for Entrepreneurs by Danielle LaPorte – I had a personal one on one with Danielle and she is powerful. Every word she writes is meant to change you for the better and it and will. Her blog is also fantastic.
  • The Fluent Self shop – Ways to calm down, stop procrastinating and move your body. Also how to promote the hell out of that thing you do without all the horribleness.  Great stuff from Havi. I recently attended one of her Rallies! What a trip.