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Cherries are cheerful!

April 6th, 2012 · 4 Comments · Books, cherry

Today is Friday. Sometimes Fridays are awesome. They are the end of a long week and the first glimpse of a wacky weekend. And sometimes Fridays are exhausting. Perhaps the week has been long and difficult and the weekend is full of obligations or tragically empty of anything you look forward to doing. Impending holidays […]

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Surinam Cherries

February 6th, 2012 · 6 Comments · cherry

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be unexpectedly kissed by Angelina Jolie (and if you haven’t, then go ahead and pause and do that now), then this is the fruit for you! I was giddy with excitement recently when I stumbled across a tree of surinam cherries. I saw one at […]

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Unusual Fruit You’ve Never Heard Of

May 17th, 2011 · 6 Comments · Apple, Berry, Cherimoya, cherry, Maven, Uncategorized

As summer is sneaking up on me, I’m starting to think about various fruit I would love to try. My fruit forays have slowed in the last year, but believe me, I still think about finding those elusive little gems that hide in the most unassuming spots. Here are a few that I’ve heard of […]

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Rainier Cherry

June 24th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Berry, cherry

Apparently if you have gout, then this is the fruit for you!

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